Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's almost 2016 already .... where on earth did 2015 disappear to??  It seems like the year had just begun, and here we are at the end already.   I hope you all had a nice year ... I did!  The highlight, of course, was the birth of my sweet little grandson, Jaxon William.  

Jaxon was born on November 5th via an emergency c-section due to cord complications.  He was only 2 weeks early, but needed to stay in the NICU for 3-1/2 weeks due to some medical problems caused by the cord issues.  I'm thrilled to say that since Jaxon has been home with his parents and brother, he's been doing just wonderfully!  Gaining weight, inches, and strength like a champ!  Our Christmas was very blessed with this new little addition to our lives.  ;)

Of course the holidays are a very busy time for me, because I'm one of those people who think she has to do it all, do it over the top, and do it handmade.  I made gazillions of treats and goodies for gifts for the family and some friends, and although every year I say I'm going to cut back, not do it, maybe do something different ... each Christmas I feel compelled to go nuts in the kitchen.  Maybe next year I'll slow down ...

Along with holiday shopping and everyday life with hubby, pets, and work, I never even got a chance to sit down in my jewelry workroom in December!  I missed creating in my cozy cave so much that the day after Christmas, I cleaned up the table, reorganized a few things and prepped for what I hope will be a productive New Year of jewelry-making.

My New Year's resolution and goal is to advance my jewelry business.  Towards that end, I am again taking the Build a Line Challenge Master Class given by B'Sue Boutiques during January to March.  Why take the class again when I already successfully completed it (with even a mention of my line at the end of the class by the judges)?  There are several reasons, which you'll learn more about in my first blog hop for the class in late January.  ;)  Suffice it to say that I'm excited to develop my new BALC jewelry line!

There's also another jewelry line on my table as well.  I've wanted to create a birth'stone' themed collection of jewelry for some time now, and there is no better time than the present!  With the possibilities of necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and even earrings with quality brass stampings/filigrees and Czech faceted glass beads in birthstone colors, I'm anticipating many offerings for individual birthstone pieces, and custom pieces for couples, moms, grandmas, aunts, and more!  I'm working on a few designs right now .... ideal for a special couple, or mom or grandma's special children, or ... ?  You decide and help me design your perfect gift or treasure!  More on this line will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are on beginning my BALC line, as the class starts next week!  I'm thrilled to be again working with some amazing jewelry artists, and very happy to not only meet some new friends but see some familiar 'faces' in my classmates this year.  Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'Sue Boutiques heads our class, and she and even her son and sister-in-law (who both work for the business) are joining the class and creating jewelry lines.  I have a feeling this is going to be a fantastic (and fun!) learning experience this time around.  :)

Join Toby and I here on the blog and at our facebook page for all of the latest at Novegatti Designs!

~ Pamela & Toby

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Change It Up Blog Hop

Here we are at the B'Sue Boutiques "Change It Up" Blog Hop .... glad you could join us!   Pour yourself a cup of joe, and join me and Toby!
Our blog hop mission was to take one of four specific brass components from B'Sue Boutiques, use it in a way that's different than its usual way, inspired by current fashion trends, but with a vintage flair, and create a statement jewelry piece ... now that is one tall order!
When I first decided to join this blog hop and make a piece using the above guidelines, I had no clue what I'd make.  I'm not a cuff-bracelet person, and the brass tie didn't inspire me, so I knew it'd be the floral crescent or large brass heart pendant.  Or maybe both ...

I did have an idea for what I wanted to do with the crescent.  I'm always inspired by Haskell and Hagler jewelry, and I've made some wired assemblage necklaces before.  My jewelry style is usually vintage-inspired, so this part was a no-brainer for me ... follow my heart and style. 

Now, how to follow current fashion trends while keeping that 1940's flavor .... aha! Luckily, pearls are big this year, and I happened to have a nice old multi-strand vintage 'pearl' necklace with rhinestone filigree beads that would be perfect to repurpose with this necklace.  The 'change it up' part really stymied me though.  How can I make this different?  Turn it upside down?  Nope.  Hmm, how about asymmetrical, using it more to the side-center?  Yes, that's it!

The focal itself was easy, and I zoomed right along. The vintage-look patina came about naturally from handling and heating the metal. The part that stalled me for a bit was the 3-strand section opposite the crescent.  It took awhile to get that 'just right' but finally ... success! A simple strung neckchain, and voila .... trendy pearls with a Haskell flair in a unique asymmetrical statement necklace!  

Classy and classic looking, yet with an edge that only asymmetry can bring, this necklace was a joy to create and is my first challenge piece.

But ... I still have time!   What to do with the large brass heart pendant that's unusual?  Turn it this way and that, and ... aha!   That's it!  Something glitzier, shinier, blingier ... like the beautiful rhinestone jewelry of years ago ...

I started with some unmirrored-back unset pointed-back faceted glass 'stones.' How to set them so the facets reflected back threw me for a bit until I read an article on using 'gold' leaf in polymer clay settings.  That works!

Some brass leaves joined the mix, along with a large brass shamrock component.  Toss in some small pearl cabs, and we're ready to create something different ...

... and different it is!  A glammy fish brooch reminiscent of the days when big brooches ruled, with a joined smaller pearl 'bubble' pin.  I've always loved those joined pins, and adored rhinestones, so this piece reminds me of days past when real ladies wore brooches.

There is, of course, only one name for this piece ... the decidedly unvintagey name of "Mr. Super Bling-Bling Fish."  Since I collect cat pins, Toby decided that Mr. Super Bling-Bling Fish needed to stay with us on the pin board so the cat pins could watch him shimmer.   ;)   

And that is how we "Changed It Up!" Thank you for joining in on the Change It Up Blog Hop sponsored by BSueBoutiques.   We've enjoyed our visit with you, and I hope you enjoyed our pieces too! Now come and 'hop' on along the list and see what our talented friends have created too!

Pamela & Toby
Novegatti Designs

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dusting off the Blog

I'm baaack!   ;)   After a several month (well, okay 6 month!) break, I've dusted off the ol' blog and here I am!  I hope to be able to keep up with more posts, more frequently in the future.
Where have I been for the past six months?   Right here, on Clover Blossom Farm, but BUSY! Gardening, pet care, and jewelry-making took up most of my time during summer vacation from my school kitchen job.  Some physical issues kept me just relaxing some days (oh darn, huh?)  Then, there was the party:
Yes, my son and his lady are having a baby boy!  He's due in November, and we had a lovely baby shower party here on the farm last month.  Of course that takes lots of planning and preparation, and we crafty-types can't just buy decorations and such, oh no.  We have to make them all, and are simple things good enough?  ::shaking head no::   Suffice it to say, I spent a lot of time ... and had a lot of FUN ... getting ready for the party which was a huge success! Now to wait for that little grandson to arrive ....  <3

I spent some very nice early mornings in my workroom with jewelry supplies, cats, and coffee ...
... and came up with some summery necklaces that were fun to create!
Now, it's onward to an autumn line, and then winter/holiday jewelry, which is my favorite to make!

Before that, though, I've joined another challenge blog hop which will take place on September 25.  Sponsored by, the theme is Vintage Flair and the goal is to use one of a few selected brass pieces and create something unique and different, keeping in mind a vintage look and today's fashion trends.  Whew, that's a tall order, but I think I'm up to it.  In the meanwhile, stay tuned for more posts here, and more jewelry creations on my facebook page at  ;)


Friday, March 20, 2015

Build a Line Design Challenge Part Three ... Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs

         The third and final blog hop of the Build a Line Challenge by B'Sue Boutiques has finally arrived!  I'm Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs, and my assistant is as usual, Toby.  ;)  Welcome!
       The Build a Line Challenge class by B'Sue Boutiques has been an experience that I have very much enjoyed.  I'll always treasure it as not only a learning experience about jewelry lines ... but about myself.  Over the past three months, the discussions about jewelry collections, lines, branding, marketing, packaging, and more have been very enlightening and informative.  But I've also learned a lot about ME, and how I work.

      I've discovered that my vision of cohesive jewelry lines and my desire to create one-of-a-kind art jewelry can coexist happily!  I didn't think that was possible, but I've learned that following your heart while listening to your instincts is key.  While jewelry artists need to be aware of trends and current styles, that doesn't necessarily mean following the crowd.  Nothing makes me happier than making a unique piece of jewelry, but how cool is it that I've now learned how to turn that one piece into an exciting and cohesive line if I choose to!  
     I'm still working on 'branding' for Novegatti Designs.  My jewelry style and look is pretty well established .... vintage-inspired mixed media art jewelry, focusing on brass components, polymer clay,  and glass beads.   Still in the works are things on the business side:  a logo and a consistent look for my online presence, packaging, etc.  The pawprint-in-heart tags will most likely stay, and perhaps a logo will develop from them.

        My 'Tre Rose' jewelry line for this Build a Line Challenge has come together nicely, and will continue to grow with new pieces.  With necklaces,   earrings, bracelets, and pins in several styles, the choices get even better when the customer can choose custom colors too.  The polymer clay roses are all handmade, so the possibilities are endless with style and color combinations!  Most of the line will range from $12 to $60, so the pieces are affordable yet exquisite.  The jewelry pieces all coordinate with each other; brass chains, glass pearls and Czech faceted beads, and hand-tinted brass all tie them into one pretty vintage-look package!

       Without further ado, I present Novegatti Designs' Tre Rose Line ... a step back in time to a different world ...

"Infinity"   This series is comprised of dramatic vintage-inspired jewelry, using mixed metals, lovely roses, and glass bead chains.  Right now this sole necklace takes the spotlight, but more in this series will be forthcoming.

"Eternity"   The series for the romantic!  A pretty Battenburg lace-look brass filigree, adorned with polymer clay roses and hand-tinted leaves, hang out with more glass pearls and faceted beads.  The four designs were inspired by the four seasons, but other combinations of colors and leaves would look great too.

"Serenity"   This series of pieces are my favorites!  A simple and beautiful design on a lovely filigree, and it's just right for anytime-wear  So many other color ideas are possible ....  

"Tranquility"   A classic series of jewelry with more roses, of course, and pretty brass lace filigree and leaves.  Simple, yet elegant.

"Unity"   Keep your love close with classic rose-covered heart necklaces ... perfect for gifts in any color, for yourself or loved ones!

"Harmony"   Bracelets are always fashionable, and these unique pieces will make any outfit special.  Bracelets are my favorite piece of jewelry!

"Discovery"  Discover brooches and pins ... they're back in style!   Several variations give options to pin one on coats, dresses, sweaters, even purses.  Ivory and cream look so well together, but so would other colors.

"Amity"   What wardrobe is complete without earrings?  Coordinating with the rest of the line, these earrings add the finishing touch ... more earrings to come!

       And that is my new jewelry line, Tre Rose ..
inspired by the three "I Love You" roses that my father gave my mother many years ago.  Design possibilities in this line are limitless with color choices, which will make anyone feel special!  

        I wish to give a big heartfelt "Thank You!" to Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'Sue Boutiques for teaching this class with patience, integrity, and style, and for freely sharing her knowledge ... this class will always stay with me.  And big hugs to her and my classmates for making this a wonderful journey over these past months!

       Thank you for stopping by my blog and checking out this new line ... please feel free to hop along with the links below and see more gorgeous lines by my fellow jewelry artists!  And stay tuned to my Facebook page for the Tre Rose line to be for sale soon ...

~ Pamela

(and if you've read this far, here's your chance to win a necklace from the "Unity" series (heart necklaces)!  Everyone who makes a comment on this post will be entered for a chance to win ... and if you absolutely can't comment for some reason but want to enter, just message me on Facebook with the secret word "rosecat."   :)  A random winner will be chosen by number generator on March 31st.)

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