Thursday, January 22, 2015

Build a Line Design Challenge, Part One ... Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs

     Hello there, friends!   I'm Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs ... and welcome to the first blog hop for the Build a Line Design Challenge from B'Sue Boutiques!   I was thrilled when I learned that I was accepted into this 3-month-long master class to learn more about what it takes to create a cohesive jewelry line, how to work in my own style while considering current trends, and how to take my jewelry to the next level.   My nearly 60 other classmates and I are already discussing and learning so many things ... and having lots of fun getting to know each other!
     I've always been a crafty person, and learned to do many arts and crafts as a child.  My happiest times were creating something.  For several years in the '80s, I made and sold the then-popular country decorations, but was never happy doing so ... just not my thing.  I had always been fascinated by jewels, however.  I even cut out pictures of gems from catalogs and taped them to my ears and fingers as a kid!  When it finally dawned on me about 15 years ago that *I* could make pretty jewelry, a whole new world opened up.  I was in  love!

     Although I grew up in the city, I now live on a small farm in Minnesota with my husband, and I love it.  No more city living for me ... I'll never move back! The nature around me is always inspiring.  New green growth in the spring, pretty flowers in the summer, gorgeous fall colors, and icy wonderlands in the winter ... always beautiful inspiration for new jewelry designs.  I'm also lucky enough to have a whole workroom in our big old 5-bedroom farmhouse in which to create my jewelry. 

     I'm blessed, too, to have my furry feline assistants, who are all rescues.  Although there are several kitties that hang out in the workroom, Toby the Himalayan is my apprentice and usual helper.  He's become quite a favorite among some of the other artists in the BSue Boutiques Creative Group, and he'll be helping me in the Challenge. 


     Why did I join this challenge?  Although I've been designing and creating jewelry for years, it's only been recently that I'd begun to think in terms of jewelry lines or collections.  I have a little summer line of shabby patinated necklaces (The Rusty Rose Collection), and I made a small series of wintery-Christmas necklaces ... but hadn't really gotten together any traditional jewelry lines.  Joining this class was the opportunity and nudge I needed to point myself in the direction of making lines that were appealing and affordable.

     I thought long and hard about the line that I wanted to create for the class.  It ultimately came down to following my heart and instincts, and my own style.  I decided upon classic, simple floral designs using my handmade white polymer clay roses, brass leaves and filigree, and glass pearls and beads.

     Each of the varying but similar necklace designs will feature three roses.  Why three, you ask?  When my father was courting my mother many years ago, he wanted to buy her roses but couldn't afford a dozen of them.  He gave her three roses instead, and told her that they represented the three words "I Love You."  Isn't that sweet?  The three 'I Love You' roses have continued through the years and other family members, and is carried on in this jewelry line as well.

     Each design may have a bit of accent color in one
of several pastel or jewel tones, multiplying the potential design combinations.  Earrings and a bracelet may also be added to the collection, as well as a few variations with other filigrees and rose colors.  I've got so many ideas!

     My goal with this kind of jewelry line is for it to appeal to many.  I thought about possibly making a  more specialized, or more complicated design line, but sometimes simplicity speaks for itself.  I've been creating more classic designs lately, and I'm hoping that this line will follow that path too.  
     At the end of the class, I'll reveal the completed line of jewelry, and I'll share my progress along the way.  Meanwhile, there is a lot of work to be done.  I haven't decided on a name for the line yet.  I do have my design ideas somewhat in order, but it's still just a pile of unfinished components at this point that I've rearranged several times.  There's so much to take into consideration ... but it will come down to my instincts.  I have confidence that my heart will lead my hands ... and I'll keep a sense of humor close by just in case.   :)

     I hope you'll join me on this Build a Line Design Challenge journey, and cheer me on!  Please do comment if you can. "Hop" along with the links below to my fellow jewelry artists' blogs, and give them a little cheering too!

~ Pamela

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What's a Blog Hop? Hop Along With Me!


     When I first learned about the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Design Challenge in early December, I was interested right away.  What fun, an online class to learn more about how to put a jewelry line together!  Discussing fun jewelry things with other artists, sharing ideas, learning ... what a neat thing to do!  And then ... that four-letter word was said: BLOG.  One of the necessary requirements of applying for the class was to have a working blog. Uh oh ....
     I've had blogs before; years ago I had a couple of personal ones that were really more of journals to keep track of events in my life at the time.   But a professional blog?  I had no clue!  And the reason that applicants needed to have a blog was that part of the class training was to participate in three blog hops.  Hops?  Where are we hopping to?
     Those who are seasoned and veteran bloggers are probably well familiar with blog hops, but I'd never even heard of one.  Thankfully, it was explained as time went by, and whew!  It sounds fun!  No worries at all!
     Usually a blog hop is coordinated by one person, but many others participate.  There's a project of some sort, and everyone in the blog hop posts pictures, information, etc. in their blogs on the same day ... including a list of all other participants and their blog links.  Then, one 'hops' from blog to blog via the links, and it's like a big round-robin party.  Doesn't that sound cool?
     I'm joining in on my first blog hop tomorrow, the first one of three for the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge.  My post and photos are ready to be published on my blog tonight, and tomorrow we go hopping!  We'll all be introducing ourselves, revealing our line themes, and showing lots of photos. 
      Anyone can follow along on the hop too .. not just the class members!  I hope many of you will read my blog hop post tomorrow, and click on links to some of my friends' posts too ... lots of talented jewelry designers and creators here, and so many great ideas.  You don't want to miss it!  
     See you tomorrow for a Hoppy Day!   :)

~ Pamela



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So Many Pretties!

        Look at all of these pretties!   No matter how many jewelry supplies I already have, I always seem to find more that are 'just right' for future projects.  I only wish that I had as much time as supplies to create with.

       The online jewelry group that I belong to, B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group, has fun projects every week, including Work Table Wednesday.  On that day, we show photos of what we're currently working on, or just what happens to be on our tables.  Usually a feline assistant is on my table too, and Toby has become the Master of Ceremonies (and quite the darling favorite of many) of Work Table Wednesday (WTW) at the group!  

     Every week, the very generous leader of the group, Brenda Sue Lansdowne, uses a random number generator to select a random winner from all those who participated, and sends a lovely gift of assorted jewelry supplies from her business and her own stash.  Well, I won a couple of weeks ago, and this group of gorgeous goodies was the gift ... and what a fantastic gift it was!  

       I've been busy working out some details for my designs for the master class/Build a Line Design Challenge that I'm enrolled in, but Toby and I are also working on some other fun things.  Toby insists that we should create some cat/pet related jewelry, so those of you who are animal lovers will have Toby's Treasures to look forward to.  

        I've got a few classic looking necklaces in the works right now too, and of course spring designs will be coming along soon.   Much of my focus in the coming months will be on the class, however, so I hope you'll enjoy peeking behind the scenes and learning what it takes to build a jewelry line!

~ Pamela

Saturday, January 10, 2015


       Well, I did it .... I was accepted for inclusion in
the master class Build a Line Design Challenge by B'Sue Boutiques ... yay!   My feline assistant Toby was also invited to join in the fun, so things could get interesting!  I think this experience will challenge me not only as an artist and in developing cohesive lines and collections, but will help me learn new things about promoting my jewelry, blogging, networking with others, and more.  Hey, I've already learned to make a blog, so there's a good start already!

       While this will be a good challenge, I'm also facing other not-so-good challenges lately.  Those who know me know that I'm a great cat and animal lover, and have a gang of furry 'kids' who mean very much to me. Last year dealt us several hard blows with the loss of five of our beloved pets from various causes.  I also had surgery, fell on a cat, and ... well, one of those years.  I was hoping 2015 would be better, but we've had a less than stellar beginning.  One cat developed a severe eye problem, and another had a bad vestibular (inner ear) attack which affected his balance and left him unable to walk without falling for now.  It's been continual vet visits and feline physical therapy and medicine the past weeks, so it's been hard to concentrate on other things.  Difficult to see the good things ...

      That's another reason why this Build a Line Design Challenge will be a good thing ... focus. It will give me something to focus on, a goal to work towards, something positive to think about.  It will get me moving, designing, and thinking.  It always helps to have something to look forward to when the days aren't so sunny, and this challenge is my bright spot.   I hope you'll all come along and share the challenge with me and Toby as we jump in with both feet and all four paws!              ~ Pamela

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Here We Go ....

        January is usually the time of year when my mind says "Get up!  I want to do this!  We need to do that!" ... while my body says "Oh, let's just sit down and relax ... maybe later."    Does that happen to you too? Does it feel like you're trapped in the lazy humdrum cage?   Sometimes we need a little jumpstart, a little kick to actually get moving.  My motivation this winter? Joining a fun challenge/class!  Time to break out of that cage!

       Tomorrow is the day .... the day that those of us who are taking the Build-A-Line Challenge/master class through B'Sue Boutiques submit our applications.  Yep, applications! That's not to say that anyone will be rejected as long as they follow the rules.  Our teacher, Brenda Sue Lansdowne, just understandably needs to know what everyone will be creating, along with other information, to make sure there aren't any duplicate or too similar lines.  It's going to be such fun to eventually see what everyone comes up with.
       I had SO many ideas when I first decided to do this.  I'd decide on the perfect line, then change my mind the next day .... over and over.  I laid out designs with this piece of brass, or that color beads, or this polymer clay flower ... and then toss it all back in the drawer, and start over again. One idea, one set of designs, though, kept coming back to me, so I decided that this was the one I was meant to do. Yes, I think it will change some as I go along, but it's really the style that is "me."   I feel comfortable with it.

       In the meanwhile, I stocked up on all kinds of fun jewelry supplies lately that will go into some new designs coming out for spring.  Toby, my feline assistant, is carefully guarding the boxes that came in the mail this week!

       The weather is still frightfully cold here (-40F wind chill this morning!, and I have another ill cat (vestibular syndrome) that needs to be watched closely, so I'm staying home as much as possible in the coming weeks.  I've got plenty of ideas for new jewelry to keep me busy!  Keep an eye on the blog and my Facebook page for more information on the Challenge as I go along, and for new designs soon!

~ Pamela

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Up, Up, and Away

       Every New Year, many people make resolutions to change something in their lives for the better.  I don't make specific resolutions anymore, because I know I'm not going to keep them.  I do, however, try to have a plan in mind to reach a goal during the year.  This year, my goal is to refine and expand my jewelry business in a way that's fun for both me and my customers.

       The first thing I'll be doing this year is joining a three-month long challenge, which is really more of a master class.  Jewelry makers of every level from around the world will be participating in this challenge, led by noted jewelry designer and artist, Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B' The best thing about it?  We'll not only learn, but we'll have fun, make new friends, and understand more about who we are as jewelry artists.

       The challenge will be to build a line of jewelry in our own style.  This might sound simple to some ... just slap a few things together that match, and voila ... it's a 'line.'   There's really more to it, and it's not quite as easy as it sounds.  During our 3-month-long class, we'll be exploring what makes a line cohesive and appealing, production and marketing ideas, and much more.  I'm excited to have this opportunity, and you're all welcome to come along with me for the ride!  I'll be sharing much more as the challenge begins, and of course will continue to have new designs coming along.  I'm up, up, and away ... off and running!

      What's your goal for the coming year?  I wish you all the best!

~ Pamela

Novegatti Designs