Thursday, January 28, 2016

Build a Line Challenge 2016, Part One

Hi there, friends!   Some of you already know me from previous blog hops and elsewhere, but for those who are new ... I'm happy to see you here along with longtime friends!   I'm Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs ... and welcome to the first blog hop for the Build a Line Challenge 2016 from B'Sue Boutiques!   Grab a cup of coffee and join Toby and I .... it's going to be an interesting ride!
Although I am an alumni of the 2015 BALC, I decided to take this 3-month-long master class again. Why take a class a second time?  So many reasons!   For one, the format of the class is different, and I've already learned so many new things about design styles, jewelry history, and more.  Secondly ... much of the information I gain from the class is from the discussions with other classmates, and with some old and new friends in the class along with our teacher  ... there's a wealth of knowledge flying around just ready to be grabbed.  And lastly ... it's fun!   I'm excited to be taking this journey again to further my understanding what it takes to create and market a cohesive jewelry line.

I've always been a crafty person; my happiest times have always been creating something. Years ago, I had a country crafts business, but it never felt 'right.' When I started making jewelry, I found my true love.  Or perhaps rediscovered ... I was always fascinated by gems and pretty jewelry as a child.  Over the years, vintage and vintage-style jewelry called out to me, and I've been greatly inspired by it, particularly the pieces of the mid 20th century by Haskell, Hagler, Amourelle, and others. Here's some vintage pieces that I love:

My jewelry journey hasn't always been easy ... it's an ongoing learning process. Looking back at earlier pieces, I can see how my style evolved.  I'm comfortable with where I am now as far as design style ... my own take on early to mid-20th century retro.  Oh, I still try new techniques all the time, and sometimes pieces that look different come along. I've learned so much over the past few years that I feel confident following my heart.  Some of these necklaces I made are still close to my heart.
I happily live on a small farm in Minnesota with my husband, a bunch of rescued cats, and a few dozen assorted chickens.  I absolutely love it, and can't imagine ever moving back to the city.  The nature around me is always inspiring.  I've also got a nice big workroom in our big old farmhouse for my jewelry creating ... my own bead cave!
I'm usually joined in my workroom by furry assistants. Although several felines hang out with me, Toby the Himalayan is my usual partner. You may know him from the B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group ... he's become quite a favorite among some of the other artists, and he will be 'helping' me in the challenge this time too!
Last year for the BALC, I created a floral line featuring three polymer clay roses ... Tre Rose. It was based on an old sentimental family story of roses that my father gave my mother long ago.  It was a very feminine, romantic collection of jewelry.  I enjoyed creating it, and came away from last year's BALC with a greater understanding of jewelry lines.
Over the years,  I've found myself making more and more jewelry that might be considered 'classic' ... pieces that could be worn with many outfits, in neutral colors, that would always be in style.  I'm fascinated with classic jewelry designs, and love these necklaces that I designed a few years ago. 
That's why I decided to build my line this year based on the ageless classics:   pearls and crystal.

Sounds kind of self-limiting, doesn't it? .... just brass components, white glass pearls, clear glass crystal beads, and rhinestones.  But, no!  I think I've had more ideas for this line than I've every had before, and I'm so excited to be working on it.  The designs so far range from simple and classic to more ornate for evening wear, and the ideas keep coming. The "Timeless" (working name) line will include necklaces, bracelets, brooches, and earrings, all in classic pearls and crystal.

At the end of this class, during the third blog hop,  I'll reveal my completed new line of jewelry.  I anticipate many more pieces to come in the future as well ... the possibilities are endless!  In the meanwhile, there is a lot of work to do.   I have confidence that my heart will lead my hands, and my head will keep both of them in line!  
I hope you'll join me and Toby on this Build a Line Design Challenge journey, and cheer me and my fellow classmates along!   You can click on the links below to 'hop' along and see what everyone else in the class is creating too.  Thank you for joining us!

This class is taught by the talented Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'Sue Boutiques.  I use many of her high quality brass components and supplies in my work.  

- Love, Pamela & Toby

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