Thursday, February 19, 2015

Build a Line Design Challenge, Part Two ... Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs

        Here we are with the second blog hop of the Build a Line Challenge by B'Sue Boutiques!  I'm Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs, and my main assistant, of course, is Toby.  ;)   Grab a cup of coffee, and come along to see how our new jewelry line is shaping up!

       My Build a Line Challenge theme, as you may remember, is based on the three roses that my father gave to my mother when they were dating; he told her that they represented the words "I - Love - You." My mother recently recalled:  "I can remember the very first time that Dad gave me the roses, before we were married, and had the three roses with three hearts ... one taped on each rose ... with the message 'I LOVE YOU.'  It has stayed with us all of these years."   And it has ... with other family members too.  I'm happy to be using a family tradition as my line theme.

       It's been an interesting journey these past weeks, in the Build a Line Challenge.  I've wanted to create a more polished jewelry line for awhile now, so this class came at a great time.  Along with teacher Brenda Sue Lansdowne, my classmates and I have learned much through discussions about trends, designs, kinds of jewelry artists, pricing, and so much more.   I'll touch more on that in another post.   Although I did have a theme in mind for my challenge line right from the start, I struggled for awhile with how to bring it all together ...

     Finally, the "Aha!" moment arrived one day. I laid out all of the components I'd originally planned to use ... and eliminated most of the them.  The old KISS principle -- "Keep it Simple, Stupid" -- holds true.  (By the way, did you know that KISS was a design principle noted by the US Navy in 1960?)  I was over-thinking, over-planning, going overboard ... and was making things too complicated for myself  Once I simplified, it all made sense.  And I started having fun!

 I took the suggestion of a jewelry friend to use an Italian version of 'three roses' for my line name: "Tre Rose." (pronounced 'tray ro-SAY').  "Novegatti" is Italian for 'nine cats,' so also using this romantic language for the delicate rose them of my line seemed appropriate.
       Several pieces of the line are mostly completed by now, and more are coming along in stages.  Necklaces, brooches/pins, bracelets, and earrings, all in varying sizes, styles, and price ranges, are planned and being worked on ... usually with some help from the interns!   We have a lot of fun hanging out in the workroom together.  ;)
       Ivory and pastel polymer clay roses, brass filigrees and leaves, and glass pearls are the common denominators in the line, and it's fun to see what new designs and color variations pop into my mind as I work.  The more I sit at my table and use these components, the more ideas I get!

       I'm working with simple classic designs and mostly neutral colors, which have helped the line come together nicely.  Using similar and fewer components make it easy to make a classic-looking line that won't ever be out of style.  How many pieces I'll actually create before the challenge ends, I'm not sure yet ... but Toby and I are working hard and having a lot of fun doing it!  

       The complete "Tre Rose" jewelry line from Novegatti Designs will be done in late March, when we'll have a third and final blog hop.  Don't forget to "Like" my Facebook page at Novegatti Designs to keep up to date with all that's going on in the workroom with the Challenge and more! 
      For now, please hop along and visit the blogs of my fellow classmates and see what they're creating too.  I'd love if you left a comment below, and thank you for stopping by!

~ Pamela

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  1. Pretty pretty pretty! Love your theme, the name, look and feel, everything.

    Great job Pamela! Oh and Toby too of course ;-)

  2. Love your designs. They are so cohesive that i can tell right away who made them. love your use of the different components. They all tie in so well together. Beautiful. Great arrangement of pictures too.

  3. It looks like it's really coming together beautifully! Isn't it funny how simplifying actually makes things easier? : )

  4. These are all so beautiful.

  5. Wow, your line is looking great Pamela!


  6. When you love what you're doing it shows, and boy does it show!! These are gorgeous!

  7. Hey Girl! Hey Mr. Toby!!
    Pam Tre Roses are looking FABULOUSLY BEAUTIFUL!!A really great cohesive line that repeats itself in all of your pieces-my line is is more along the line of 3 different lines coming together as one. Love the photo of your Mom and Dad!
    See Ya in class and on the pages... Love Ya!
    xo Liz

  8. Your roses are lovely and so is the jewelry. One can tell that it is all created by the same person. Looking forward to seeing more.~Ingrid

  9. Your polymer roses are beautiful and love your color choice. I'm glad you're not overthinking it anymore because your jewelry line gorgeous. I think you should attach a card to each piece the little story of the three roses. So romantic

  10. I really really love your designs. They are simple and intricate at the same time.

  11. These are so sweet. The polymer clay roses are lovely and give the pieces a nostalgic and vintage look.

  12. These are so sweet. The polymer clay roses are lovely and give the pieces a nostalgic and vintage look.

  13. Love your designs! Everything you have chosen flows beautifully, and the colors are exceptional. More, please!

  14. Hi Pam, Sheryl from Facebook...loving the pictures, how you keep the kids from playing with the components is items are looking beautiful, so classic and unique.

  15. Oh Pam, the line is really coming together and looks very classy yet fun as well. You can see you are having fun with it, yet it captures your attention and heart. Love it all~! xXx Ne

  16. Hi Toby! *waves* Your collection is really coming together, Pamela. Can't wait to see the finished line. :-) ~Elizabeth

  17. The back story is so beautiful but your pieces are just stunning. I love them. I love that they have a story and we're born out of so much love. I think I would have little cards made with the 3 roses story and include with each purchase. I think Customers would be proud to wear them and knowing the story would make it even more special. Just a thought I had while reading it. It touched me.

  18. So gorgeous! Give my love to Toby! ~Melissa

  19. I really like the bracelet that had the centerpiece, then 2 smaller on each side.. and on these smaller pieces you put rose buds. That's just such a wonderful design touch!

  20. The story that inspired your line is beautiful, as are your pieces. Great work!

  21. Sweetie I just love your designs and the beautiful story behind it. I just all of your romantic designs and of course your helper extraordinaire Toby. XOXO!

  22. I especially love the ones with the cream colored roses -- so timeless and classic! Exquisite!

  23. Love the cohesiveness of your line, Pamela. The soft colors are very romantic and pretty. Can't wait to see your finished line next month.

  24. Love your pic of the 5 possible layouts with colors penciled in, and how you described going simpler. And your polymer clay roses are so beautiful--great color schemes. Think I said it before, but the 3 roses idea and story of your parents is dynamite and so romantic! :):)

  25. Great blog post. This line is so beautiful Pamela. Can't wait to see your complete line.

  26. Stunning pieces, Pamela! Your family photographs really add a great personal element to your story and line. I love the Italian name to go with your business name. Toby looks great, as usual! You have a very successful line coming along, and a professional looking blog to boot!

  27. Your blog is really great .. good pictures, process, finished pieces .. thank you for showing us your journey .. I love that bracelet .. show us more please ..

  28. Love everything about your line, the story, the three roses, the delicate pearls and filigree. Stunning.

  29. Three roses to says it all.
    Love Your Designs

  30. Simply a lovely line and born from such love. You've got the whole package going here. Congratulations!

  31. Interpreting this family heritage in such a beautiful way is sure to echo in the hearts of all the ladies who see it. These are classically beautiful & sure to become real favorites with all of your clients.

  32. Your designs are lovely and feminine and classic. And you've got a very obvious line. Once someone sees one or two of your pieces, they will easily be able to recognize your style and other pieces from the line. Beautifully done.

  33. WOW!!! I really love how fluid and feminine and romantic your designs are. The one bracelet you show remeinds me of pictures of the Trevi Fountain!!! Very Very Beautiful! Be Blessed!

  34. Really beautiful pieces and I love your family story~ I am so happy to be in this class with you and all the wonderful talented ladies~
    Best Wishes

  35. You have it all: sandwich and a bag of chips! Great "heart tugging" theme! Can't wait for your reveal!

  36. Beautifully done and perfect cohesion. Another one knocks it out of the park. Tell Toby I said hi!

  37. Just love this design, Pam. Bam! Beautiful work!!

  38. Your line concept looks GREAT- love the Tres Rose! and K.I.S.S is jolly good too. Looking forward to eeing your whole line in a month! Linzi

  39. I simply love how your line is coming together.

  40. What a beautiful memory to use as your inspiration, and your pieces are GORGEOUS! Love your jewelry line :-)

  41. Pamela and Toby--Wow, your designs are really wonderful and really go together well. The daintiness of the roses with the filigree pieces you've chosen are perfect together! I love all of them and I love the story behind them. Tessa Kitty and I are both very impressed! P.S. I also like your idea of having little boxes to keep the components for each together. Great idea!

  42. Love your theme origin, Pam, so sweet. You must do a red piece. It would look so awesome! ~ Catherine S.

  43. OK the jewelry is spectacular, the blog post interesting and as lovely as the Jewels. I love the little compartment boxes you are using for each design. That must help immensely (spelling?) saving assembly time of finished pieces. Love your line.

  44. I said it before I love your parents 3 roses story and I think it's so sweet your are using it for the concept of your line. Your work it's beautiful!!