Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Build a Line Challenge 2016, 3rd and Final Blog Hop

Welcome to the third and final blog hop of the 2016 B’Sue Boutiques’ Build a Line Challenge! I’m Pamela Anger of Novegatti Designs. The big reveal of my ‘Timeless’ pearl and crystal jewelry line is finally here!  Grab a cup of coffee at the door, and come on in!
My usual feline assistant is Toby, the Jewelry Cat, of course. Toby recently had several surgeries on his eyes to fix some serious problems, so he's taking a break from jewelry making for awhile. He's doing pretty well, and his furry siblingkits are happy to fill in for him.
The past three months of this class have been a joy and a challenge. Even though I did take the class last year, there’s been so much more new information to think about and work with this time around. I've realized that my jewelry style is pretty well established at this point, and I’m comfortable working with both individual one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, and with lines and collections. Jewelry lines are a great way to offer designs that are just right for many different customers, while keeping to a theme. My Tre Rose line from last year offers an example of the many styles available while all in the roses theme.
 I’m still working on the marketing and branding of Novegatti Designs ... and probably will be for awhile. I do hope to get that Etsy or other online shop open this year, and to develop a cohesive packaging method. And I really need to come up with a logo ... that includes a cat, of course! Our teacher, Brenda Sue, and my classmates have inspired me to work harder on getting my jewelry and my name 'out there!'
I’ve had such a wonderful time creating the ‘Timeless’ pearl and crystal jewelry line! So much fun, in fact, that I’ve had a hard time stopping. New designs were and are constantly popping into my head, and I've come up with three collections within this line: 'Forever Flora,' 'Enduring Romance,' and 'Endless Elegance.' I can see many more new pieces added regularly, in these and new collections!

'Timeless' is just that ... timeless and classic. It's the type of jewelry that perhaps your grandma wore to church, or your mom donned for a wedding, or your big sister wore to the prom. Pearls and crystals and golden-hued brass add up to a special and classic touch to any jewelry collection. They're also perfect for bridal or prom jewelry.

I now present the new 'Timeless' line from Novegatti Designs. They say a picture is worth a thou
sand words, so I'll let the photos speak mainly for themselves:

"Forever Flora" Collection

Nothing is more lovely and classic than flowers and leaves ... everyone loves nature's beauty.   I used a special technique to achieve an old-fashioned golden glow to the brass.

Special occasions call for that extra touch.  Perfect for a bride or a special night out.

 Simple beauty of a rose

Lacey daisy with a little friend.  Handbeading the center flowers is fun!
Pearly floral collages, with more handbeading.
The backs of the assemblage necklaces are finished with my handmade tags.
Buzzing around on a lovely morning
Brass garden of layered beauties
Dancing leaves in the breeze
Just fluttering by
Old-fashioned beauty.  This leaf was perfect for beading with tiny vintage pearls.
Vintage-look bracelets - my favorite!
Tulip dangles
Coordinating necklaces and brooches .... what golden glow!
with matching earrings
Hinged bracelet ... lovely filigree
"Enduring Romance" Collection
Romance never goes out of style, and hearts are a special touch to jewelry. The brass pieces go so nicely with the glass pearls and crystal beads.

Vintage love
Sweetheart blossoms

I Love You More
Open-hearted ... dangles are so fun!

Sweet love 
(see below for information on how YOU can WIN this necklace, free!)
Tied up in love ... simply lovely brooch
Still love you 

"Endless Elegance" Collection
Everyone needs that touch of elegance in their lives. Classic designs are always a perfect fashion accessory.

Regal pearls
Sophisticated lady
Fancy filigree
(This is the back of the above necklace ... it looks almost like another necklace!)

Majestic teardrops
Simply elegant
Bowtied in pearls
Bracelet beauties
Captured pearl

Circle pins are a favorite
A few dangly earrings

Matching brooches and necklaces
and earrings to coordinate

And that is my 'Timeless' jewelry line ... so far!   I have plans for additions to these collections, and more collections in other themes.  A cat theme, perhaps?  ;)   Working with only brass, glass ivory-white pearls, and clear crystal Czech beads let me see the designs and possibilities, without being distracted by color.  I truly loved working on this line, and it was even more enjoyable sharing the workroom time with Toby and my other feline friends.

I'd like to give a big heartfelt 'thank you' to Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'Sue Boutiques for teaching this class with patience and caring, and freely sharing her years of knowledge and experience.  It's been a wonderful experience that will always be with me. Thanks too, to my classmates, for making this an exciting and interesting journey!
Thank you for stopping by, and supporting me by checking out my 'Timeless' jewelry line.  Feel free to hop along with the links below to read more blogs and see more lovely new lines by my fellow jewelry artists!  And stay tuned to my Novegatti Designs Facebook page to see many of these pieces for sale soon!

~ Pamela

(and if you've read this far, here's your chance to win this necklace!  
Everyone who simply leaves a comment on this post will be entered for a chance to win! If you absolutely can't post a comment, don't worry ... you can still enter.  Just send me a private message on Facebook with the secret word 'pearlcat.'  A winner will be chosen by random number generator on April 10th.  I'll announce it on the Novegatti Designs Facebook page, and here on the blog.   ;)

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  8. DENISE PEPIN DE VINASApril 1, 2016 at 9:01 AM

    Wow! Pamela! You outdo yourself! I remember when I first met you on FB and starting purchasing your jewelry. Those of us who have been following you for a number of years see the leaps and bounds you have made and keep on improving your skills and jewelry making. Love this new line of yours! There are no limits in what you can create. Thank you!

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  14. Absolutely beautiful. Live like e the pearls. Stephanie Godley

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  19. Oh my gosh, woman...your line is simply beautiful. So elegant and classy. I love everything!

  20. Oh my gosh, woman...your line is simply beautiful. So elegant and classy. I love everything!

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  31. What a lovely line - "timeless" pretty much sums it up. Bravo!

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