Thursday, January 22, 2015

What's a Blog Hop? Hop Along With Me!


     When I first learned about the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Design Challenge in early December, I was interested right away.  What fun, an online class to learn more about how to put a jewelry line together!  Discussing fun jewelry things with other artists, sharing ideas, learning ... what a neat thing to do!  And then ... that four-letter word was said: BLOG.  One of the necessary requirements of applying for the class was to have a working blog. Uh oh ....
     I've had blogs before; years ago I had a couple of personal ones that were really more of journals to keep track of events in my life at the time.   But a professional blog?  I had no clue!  And the reason that applicants needed to have a blog was that part of the class training was to participate in three blog hops.  Hops?  Where are we hopping to?
     Those who are seasoned and veteran bloggers are probably well familiar with blog hops, but I'd never even heard of one.  Thankfully, it was explained as time went by, and whew!  It sounds fun!  No worries at all!
     Usually a blog hop is coordinated by one person, but many others participate.  There's a project of some sort, and everyone in the blog hop posts pictures, information, etc. in their blogs on the same day ... including a list of all other participants and their blog links.  Then, one 'hops' from blog to blog via the links, and it's like a big round-robin party.  Doesn't that sound cool?
     I'm joining in on my first blog hop tomorrow, the first one of three for the B'Sue Boutiques Build a Line Challenge.  My post and photos are ready to be published on my blog tonight, and tomorrow we go hopping!  We'll all be introducing ourselves, revealing our line themes, and showing lots of photos. 
      Anyone can follow along on the hop too .. not just the class members!  I hope many of you will read my blog hop post tomorrow, and click on links to some of my friends' posts too ... lots of talented jewelry designers and creators here, and so many great ideas.  You don't want to miss it!  
     See you tomorrow for a Hoppy Day!   :)

~ Pamela