Wednesday, January 14, 2015

So Many Pretties!

        Look at all of these pretties!   No matter how many jewelry supplies I already have, I always seem to find more that are 'just right' for future projects.  I only wish that I had as much time as supplies to create with.

       The online jewelry group that I belong to, B'Sue Boutiques Creative Group, has fun projects every week, including Work Table Wednesday.  On that day, we show photos of what we're currently working on, or just what happens to be on our tables.  Usually a feline assistant is on my table too, and Toby has become the Master of Ceremonies (and quite the darling favorite of many) of Work Table Wednesday (WTW) at the group!  

     Every week, the very generous leader of the group, Brenda Sue Lansdowne, uses a random number generator to select a random winner from all those who participated, and sends a lovely gift of assorted jewelry supplies from her business and her own stash.  Well, I won a couple of weeks ago, and this group of gorgeous goodies was the gift ... and what a fantastic gift it was!  

       I've been busy working out some details for my designs for the master class/Build a Line Design Challenge that I'm enrolled in, but Toby and I are also working on some other fun things.  Toby insists that we should create some cat/pet related jewelry, so those of you who are animal lovers will have Toby's Treasures to look forward to.  

        I've got a few classic looking necklaces in the works right now too, and of course spring designs will be coming along soon.   Much of my focus in the coming months will be on the class, however, so I hope you'll enjoy peeking behind the scenes and learning what it takes to build a jewelry line!

~ Pamela